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For starters, my name is Rachel Hymowitz I am a transfer student from Towson University, where I was a “sorority girl”  or a sister of Alpha Phi.  I quickly found out Greek life was not for me. Long story short, Towson University is now in my past.   I have now been at Queens College for a year where I am a sophomore.  I absolutely love dogs, which is why I chose to put a picture of my dog, Rocky.  Rocky is a nine-year-old Yorkshire terrier; he means the world to me. He also believes he’s the size of a great dane so I guess the name fits him.  I don’t see him often for he resides with my mom who I no longer live with, but I try to visit him as much as possible. On an academic note, I am leaning towards majoring in Sociology but am very open to learning about new fields of work inside or outside of the Sociology world.  I am from Long Island, Hewlett to be exact, where I work at a clothing store, Lonny’s,  catering to women’s clothing.   So, if you ever find yourself wondering the streets of Hewlett stop by Lonny’s and come say hi! :)Working at a clothing store has opened my eyes to the high-end fashion world, which is where my love for fashion comes from.  I would love to be apart of the fashion world in some way but am not sure if that is the right career choice for me.

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   sarah kusnitz

February 18, 2010 @ 4:25 pm

that’s so cool! i live right near hewlett i know exactly where that is. what a small world. working there sounds like such an awesome job! the fashion world is so exciting i would also love to be part of it but same as you i am not sure if it is a wise choice for myself as well.


   Samantha Hopkins

February 23, 2013 @ 11:07 am

Hi Rachel, that’s a really cute yorkie you have! 🙂
Yorkies Fanclub

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