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Project Proposal – Gone Greek. REVISED

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Sooooo, I’ve had a change in mind for my final project.  I think it would be interesting to do something based on greek life because know one really knows what goes on behind pictures when all the girls/guys are wearing the same thing or pictured doing something funny or unusual.  As someone who did experience going through the ‘recruitment’ process also known as pledging, I do have a much better insight of what is going on beyond the pictures compared to what everyone else is seeing. Although the pictures from my pledging days are old I can compose pictures from the internet and also from my former ‘sisters’ if there are any pictures from this past pledge class which I am almost positive there is because sorority girls just love to take pictures. I say ‘sisters’ because now that I am no longer a member I find the whole sisters concept kind of overrated and just plain stupid, but that is just my opinion.  Since my focus is not just sororities I can also discuss fraternity pledging rituals although I do not have a first hand experience I do however have friends who have experienced pledging a frat. Let me tell you, what I had to do was NOTHING compared to what they had to do.  I can easily access more knowledge about frat life as well from my cousin who is in a fraternity at Maryland University as well as old friends from my old school, Towson University, also in Maryland.  My debate although is whether I should put my focus on my former sorority, Alpha Phi, or if I should make my focus on different sororities.  I am kind of leaning towards different sororities because I think it will make for a very interesting project to compare what different sororities do to their pledge classes and how they differ and how they are similar.


I will be partnering up with Halie and she has absolutely no experience or much knowledge about greek life so we should make for a good group.  Im thinking that since when I was pledging we had “pledge moms” or “pledge masters” they basically are in charge of the entire pledge class so maybe if I can talk to a former pledge mom/pledge master and ask them some questions about the initiation process and the purpose for hazing rituals.  I also think we should focus on one sorority and one fraternity and compare and contrast the differences and similarities because the differences in the rituals are huge but the reasoning behind them I believe are quite similar.

We have also decided that we will be discussing and possibily showing in our presentation clips from the movies, Sydney White, Sorority Row and the ABC show Greek.

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March 15, 2010 @ 2:41 pm

This is a great topic; here are a few comments:
– first off: even if you think that an aspect of your topic is “stupid”, try to avoid being biased while doing your research (esp. when talking to your participants). Part of that approach is not mention that you feel it’s stupid in writing… 😉
– I would try to pick more than one sorority; or maybe a sorority and a fraternity?
– let’s keep talking about how you could write about pledging rituals when you won’t be able to observe them at the moment…



April 5, 2010 @ 12:58 pm

Great! Thanks for the revisions. Do you have access to members of a sorority and a fraternity? I think it would be good to talk to the pledge master/mom as well as to current (past?) members about their experiences with hazing.
It would be an amazing addition if you could also find people who went through the pledge and then didn’t join, for whatever reason. What do you think?

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