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Two Photos For Final Project

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The first photo that I have posted is the one I have taken.  First, some background knowledge.  During pledging, the point is to get closer to you’re sisters/brothers not only the ones you are pledging with.  In most cases you tend to form bonds with an older sister/brother who sort of takes you under their wing and will most likely choose the pledger as their little.  During Big/Little week his/her new Big serenades their new Little with LOTS of gifts, posters, candy etc…  I still have many of the items given to me from my Big and I chose to take a picture of a poster she made for me.  I choose to take a picture of this to bring about the topic of Bigs and Little’s because that is a HUGE part of the pledging process.  One of the most exciting days, besides initiation, is Big/Little reveal and I know all Little’s out there cherish every gift given to them by their big. A Big is supposed to be there for their Little during the pledging process so it gives him/her an older brother/sister to confide in and give them the confidence they need to know that after pledging it will all be worth it.

The next photo which I found on flickr is a photo of a paddle.  The paddle holds great significance within sororities and fraternities.  They used to and probably still do, which I am sure I will learn about as I further my research, used to haze pledgers with these paddles by beating them and other unimaginable things that I don’t think are necessary to get into.   To my knowledge, as of now, paddles are now used for decoration usually to give to you’re Big in thanks for the gifts they have given you and for taking you as a little.  In greek life nothing is free, including having a Little, which is another subject that will be explored within my research.  Back to paddles, although they used to represent hurt, now they represent love and thanks.  Kind of ironic in a way, huh?

P.S. Just realized my name is on this paddle just to clarify this is NOT my paddle my Big has the paddle I made!

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April 5, 2010 @ 1:10 pm

Good! And very detailed explanations, thank you. The only comment I have: who took these pictures? Are they both yours?



April 6, 2010 @ 10:27 pm

the first picture I took and the second one I found on flickr, was I supposed to post the link I found it from?



November 15, 2012 @ 1:30 pm

Hi Rachel! This is Rachel 🙂 By any chance could you please link to my Flickr for the paddle or give me credit? Thank you so much and biggest hugs to you!

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