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Getting Serious – REVISED

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Literature Review :

1. Hughey, Matthew W. “Brotherhood or Brothers in the ‘hood’ Debunking the ‘educated Gang’ Thesis as Black Fraternity and Sorority Slander.” Race Ethnicity and Education 11.4 (2008). Web.

This article looks beyond sororities and fraternities however it goes beyond greek letters and investigates Black Greek Lettered Organizaions (BGLO).  Before even reading this article I for one never even knew there was a greek group targeted just for African Americans.  This will add great variety to our paper and research because not only does it go beyond gender it now goes beyond race.  However, this greek life is under investigations whether it is gang related and if the letters are just a cover for african americans in gangs.  Basically saying that the letters are covering up their identities as gang members.  Greek life is definitely not anywhere near gang like although there are similar initiation processes it is strictly not a gang.  It had been reported that member of BGLO were being accused of serious hazing rituals resulting in serious injuries and deaths.  This will tie into the hazing section of our research because hazing is large part of greek life and there has been deaths beyond BGLO.

2. Montague, David R., Israt Tust Zohra, Sonja L. Love, and Vasiliki J. McGee. “Hazing Typologies: Those Who Criminally Haze and Those Who Receive Criminal Hazing.”Victims & Offenders 3.2/3 (2008). Web.

This Article solely discusses hazing rituals and the negative affects it has on those who are victims.  Beyond physical injuries and physical abuse the long-term more common affect of hazing is indeed psychological damage and abuse.  All this abuse is done to a person just so they can be apart of a sorority/fraternity and just fit in.  Although everyone is going through the same abuse it seems rather outrageous that such damage is being put onto these students from other students.  This article will help further our research on hazing, why it is done, the harms and where it originated.


We are hoping that we are able to get our hands on some visuals of this past years pledge class during their pledging sessions.  It may be a hard task because the pledging time has already past and the newcomers have been initiated, so we’ve been told. I (Rachel) can always use pictures from when I was pledging although they are not very recent and my pledging was cut short due to hazing rituals being reported to my sororities national advisors.  If the first-hand visualizations do not surface than we will make due and use visualizations from the web as well as legal footage because we have stumbled across videos/photographs used to dictate to sororities and fraternities the harms and legal mattes of hazing.  Besides gathering photos of hazing rituals we also are gathering recent photos of sorority and fraternity events (non-hazing) showing greek life is about and what they do on campus and off campus and how they contribute.

Ethical Considerations:

We will need to get consent from all members/those photographed in the photos we hopefully will be able to use.  This shouldn’t be such a hard task considering the relationships we have with both the fraternity (Halie’s brothers) and the sorority (Rachel is a former member of).  We also have to worry about privacy issues if anyone in the photo’s object we will either have to blur/cut them out or remove the picture entirely.  Besides that we have consent from members of both organizations to interview them and use the information they give us which will be very helpful.

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April 21, 2010 @ 9:18 am

Good start, but it would be great if you could be a bit more specific with your methodology. What exactly are you planning to do, beyond collecting visuals?
Also, please post your questionnaire and any visuals you plan on using for photo-elicitation on your blogs. Thank you.

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