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Wandering Eyes

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As I impatiently awaited my arrival to Penn Station with one of my best friends, Amber, I decided to observe our train ride.  Not a bad way to kill time might I add.  A voice comes over the loud speaker, clearly automated, stating “This is the train to Penn Station.”  Also flashing directly in front of me in red reads ‘THIS STATION IS PENN STATION’. Finally, almost there.  The conductor walks by but does not clip our tickets just moving from cart to cart i’d guess.  I never realized how bright trains are at night especially.  I like the newer trains so much better there’s just something clean about them compared to the old ones.  The Seats also make the train brighter with the blue and light green leather, if it’s safe to call this leather.  Such odd colors for a train wouldn’t you think train seats would be like, black? I don’t know something dull.  There’s something very eery about entering the long dark tunnel as we descend into Penn Station, I hate when my ears slightly pop.  The dark tunnel does make for taking a cool picture, such as the one I chose to post.

Introducing Myself

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For starters, my name is Rachel Hymowitz I am a transfer student from Towson University, where I was a “sorority girl”  or a sister of Alpha Phi.  I quickly found out Greek life was not for me. Long story short, Towson University is now in my past.   I have now been at Queens College for a year where I am a sophomore.  I absolutely love dogs, which is why I chose to put a picture of my dog, Rocky.  Rocky is a nine-year-old Yorkshire terrier; he means the world to me. He also believes he’s the size of a great dane so I guess the name fits him.  I don’t see him often for he resides with my mom who I no longer live with, but I try to visit him as much as possible. On an academic note, I am leaning towards majoring in Sociology but am very open to learning about new fields of work inside or outside of the Sociology world.  I am from Long Island, Hewlett to be exact, where I work at a clothing store, Lonny’s,  catering to women’s clothing.   So, if you ever find yourself wondering the streets of Hewlett stop by Lonny’s and come say hi! :)Working at a clothing store has opened my eyes to the high-end fashion world, which is where my love for fashion comes from.  I would love to be apart of the fashion world in some way but am not sure if that is the right career choice for me.

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